What We Can Do

RedWood Fence

Redwood is one of the best choices for fences because of its natural resistance to rot and decay. PL Fence team can help you design your practical yet beautiful redwood fence.

Custom Fence

P.L.F.C offers custom options, such as a Japanese Garden Fence Style.


A well crafted gate adds that last finishing touch to your fence. PL Fence likes to provide stunning, durable gates, that match your style.


Create the perfect social area in your garden with our high-quality decking services. Customized designs to match your needs and brighten up your outdoor space.

Deer Fence

Deer fence are an inexpensive way to increase the security of your home.

Wrought Iron

PL Fence also offers stylish wrought iron fences.
Because of its nature, wrought iron can be shaped into various unique fence designs, giving your home the wow factor.

Construction Heart Redwood

Construction Heart or Con/Hrt as it is commonly known, has the same characteristics of Con/Com but does not have the Sapwood ( white wood). Although higher in price than Con/Com, Con/Hrt is an excellent value and gives a uniform, signature, red color to a Fence

Construction Common Redwood

Construction Common or Con/Com as it is commonly referred to, is a very sought out grade for Fencing in backyard living space. The grade allows tight , sound knots. The grade allows Sapwood ( white in color as opposed to the red). This gives a very pleasing contrast to the Fence


Our unique arbors and pergolas will transform the way your garden looks.